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NEW & NOTEWORTHY  Rabee Securities (RS) was granted the first license to trade on the Erbil Stock Exchange (ESX).

AUIS Job Fair

Rabee Securities Participation in Suleymani Job Fair by AUIS/ Foras USAID
At American University of Iraq Suleymani
15 - 16 April, 2015

Rabee Security (RS) has participated in AUIS Job Fair in which it was one of the silver sponsors. RS was represented by Rami Yassir, Maryam Torosian and Shwan Raoof. They took the responsibility of explaining to the attendees the core of RS and introducing to them the summer internship program. We shared RS profile with the attendees and the internship program. The job fair was two days long. First day was specified for AUIS students only and the second day it was for public students. We got lots of students who are interested in stock market and eager to learn how ISX works.
It was a success and an important opportunity to participate and meet all these students. We are looking forward to receive the vast number of CVs and cover letters through which we will choose 10 students. Please find below pictures from the fair that were posted on AUIS website.


Type Close % Chg YTD % Chg
IQD RSISX 778.5 -0.8% -4.0%
USD RSISX 835.1 -0.8% -0.1%

Best & Worst Performers

Best Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
HASH 7.300 4.3%
AMEF 10.000 3.7%
TASC 8.110 3.3%
IKLV 1.860 1.6%
HNTI 7.750 0.6%

Worst Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
BMFI 0.190 -5.0%
BGUC 0.220 -4.3%
IMIB 2.130 -4.1%
HBAY 50.000 -2.9%
BCOI 0.430 -2.3%

TOP 5 Traded Volume

Code Trading Vol.
(IQD mn) / d
Trading Vol.
BBOB 127.1 105.0
BNOI 108.4 89.5
BGUC 40.0 33.1
IBSD 35.3 29.2
BIME 17.4 14.4

Trading Volumes by Sectors

Sector Trading Vol.
(IQD mn)/d
Trading Vol.
('000 $)/d
Telecom 7.0 5.8
Banking 303.8 251.1
Industry 68.5 56.6
Hotels & Tourism 13.9 11.5
Services 5.6 4.6
Agriculture 4.2 3.5
Insurance - -
Investment - -
Money Transfer - -
Total 403.0 333.0