Jan 13, 2023 Saudi Gazette A bright future for Iraq economy Iraq has entered a legislative vacuum with the government in Baghdad acting as a caretaker cabinet without the executive authority to deal with the broader matters of the state, having only limited authority to conduct regular business related to security, health, education, and social services. Des
Jan 16, 2023 Khaleej Times Iraq's stock market looks positive, says Rabee Securities For a country enshrined in political controversy and uncertainty, the economic outlook for the future of Iraq looks optimistic, according to Rabee Securities founder and chairperson Shwan Ibrahim Taha. He said: "Under the circumstances, the Iraq markets and economy have managed to stand firm, which
Dec 21, 2022 Zawya Industry sector boasts highest trading volumes in ISX in November 2022 Following months of political turmoil within the country, and a much-welcomed recent shift towards stability, the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) saw a slight dip in the market in November. During the month of November, Rabee Securities Iraq Stock Exchange Index (RSISX Index), largely accepted as a benchm
Dec 05, 2022 Saudi Gazette Rabee Securities welcomes announcement of Saudi investments in Iraq Rabee Securities has welcomed the announcement by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) that it will set up a company to invest in Iraq. As a company established to promote investment opportunities in Iraq, Rabee Securities has confirmed that Iraq is ready for foreign investments and that the

About Us

Rabee Securities (RS) was founded on January 7th 1995, and is headquartered in Baghdad. RS is licensed and regulated as Securities Brokerage Company by the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX). We are one of the premier brokerage houses catering to institutional investors from US, through a partnership with Auerbach Grayson of NY, and from western Europe.

Updated: Feb 02, 2023Market Summary

IQD/US$ 1,742
Trading Vol. (IQD mn)/d 854.8
Trading Vol. ($ mn)/d 0.5
Traded Shares (mn)/d 445.5
Total Trades 777
# of Traded Companies 37
# of Companies (Up) 10
# of Companies (Down) 16


  Close Change YTD Change
IQD RSISX 946.9 -1.6% 4.0%
USD RSISX 705.5 -4.9% -8.9%

RSISX Index Chart

Best & Worst Performers

Best Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
SMRI 15.250 6.6%
IMAP 2.350 5.4%
SIGT 1.050 5.0%
BSUC 0.210 5.0%
IMOS 7.250 2.1%

Worst Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
BIIB 0.450 -6.2%
HASH 12.000 -5.9%
SBPT 29.000 -5.8%
HPAL 18.800 -4.7%
BNOI 1.290 -3.7%

TOP 5 Traded Volume

Code Trading Vol.
(IQD mn) / d
Trading Vol.
IMAP 269.6 154.8
IBSD 176.9 101.6
BNOI 82.8 47.5
SMRI 53.7 30.8
BBOB 50.5 29.0

Trading Volumes by Sectors

Sector Trading Vol.
(IQD mn)/d
Trading Vol.
('000 $)/d
Industry 540.1 310.1
Banking 162.8 93.5
Services 63.5 36.5
Agriculture 48.5 27.8
Hotels&Tourism 39.9 22.9
Telecom 0.0 0.0
Insurance 0.0 0.0
Investment 0.0 0.0
Total 854.8 490.7