RS is hosting a 3-day event (Iraq Startup Days)

Iraq Startup Days at EXPO 2020 


Dubai, UAE – Rabee Securities is hosting a 3-day event at the Iraq Pavilion at EXPO 2020 to showcase Iraq’s top technology startups. From 7-9 March, presentations will be given by Iraq’s most promising entrepreneurs and interested parties will have the opportunity to meet them one-on-one. 

The lineup of startups scheduled to attend include Miswag, Iraq’s largest ecommerce platform as well as Alsaree3, Baghdad’s premier food delivery platform. Both have raised millions of dollars in funding in recent years and are some of Iraq’s largest and most promising venture capital investments to date. KAPITA, an organization that specializes in investment, research, and incubation/acceleration programs for Iraqi SMEs, will also attend the event to increase awareness about Iraq’s nascent but growing startup ecosystem. 

Shwan Ibrahim Taha, Chairman of Rabee Securities, commented: “We want to show the world that Iraq offers more than just history and politics - we have promising entrepreneurs who are thinking strategically about how to grow businesses and achieve economic independence.” 

Headquartered out of Baghdad, Rabee Securities is Iraq’s premier securities brokerage company that also caters to institutional investors out of the US and Europe. Its mission is to promote investment opportunities in Iraq. 


More Details 

On 7-8 March, Iraqi companies will present from 12pm-4pm and there will be an opportunity for Q&A and one-on-one meetings with the companies. On 9 March, Rabee Securities will present compelling information on market opportunities in Iraq at 2pm, and one-on-one meetings will be possible to arrange on this day.  

To schedule a one-on-one meeting, please email

The Iraq Pavilion is conveniently located near the Opportunity Gate entrance of Expo 2020. Please park in the Opportunity parking area for easy access to the pavilion. Purchase a season pass finale ticket here, which gives you access to the Iraq Pavilion, along with all other exhibitions at the Expo for multiple entry dates.


Contact Details: 

Ceyda Göçmen Özaznavuryan
Rabee Securities




2022 DUBAI Expo - Iraq Pavilion

Date: 7-9th March 2022


DAY1 - March 7th, 2022

Continuous Video to be shown on the Expo big screens

One on One meetings to be arranged during the day on the background


KAPITA IRAQ12:00-13:00    



Presentation and Q&A Session 

KAPITA is a private sector development company that aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations through investment, research, incubation/acceleration, and market development programs.

KAPITA believes in the critical role of the private sector and entrepreneurial scene in our country’s welfare and has integrated this as the core value of all its departments. Hence, KAPITA employs a data-driven approach to build up a pipeline to nurture the growth of the private sector.

KAPITA is committed to empowering human capital, building youth capacity, and equipping them with the necessary skills, access to data, research, and capital. KAPITA strives to provide entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, stakeholders, and investors with the toolkit and the roadmap to navigate the Iraqi market and further scale-up their businesses.



KESK  13:30-14:30     

KESK, Ms. Basima Abdulrahman


Presentation and Q&A Session

KESK is the first greentech company in Iraq. We are synergizing sustainable building and power generation technologies to build alternative energy projects and to have a positive impact on the environment and people's health.



Miswag 15:00-16:00      

MISWAQ, Mr. Ammar Ameen


Presentation and Q&A Session

Miswag is Iraq's first and largest E-Commerce business. Founded in 2014 and received access to capital in 2019, Miswag has been growing in multiples ever since. Delivering to customers all over the country, Miswag promises authentic and high-quality products, and the genuine convenience of E-Commerce in a highly unregulated market. Powered by its in-house technology and dynamic team, Miswag has become a talent magnet attracting key local talents, and a one-stop shopping destination for several segments of the Iraqi consumers.

DAY2 – March 8th, 2022

Continuous Video to be shown on the Expo big screens.

One on One meetings to be arranged during the day on the background



ALSAREE 12:00-13:00      

ALSAREE 3, Mr Bassam Al Ateia


Presentation and Q&A Session

Alsaree3 Group, consisting of Alsaree3 (food-delivery app) and Al Zajel Alsaree3 (last-mile delivery services) operating since 2018 provides premium quality in fast delivery, customer service, and an wide selection of restaurants in Baghdad, and in Basra.

AlZajel Alsaree3 is the first last-mile delivery service of its kind in Baghdad which provides sending and receiving products within the hour, such as important documents, personal items, or any other goods.



IQ CARS 13:30-14:30    

IQ CARS, Mr. Amer Salih


Presentation and Q&A Session

iQ Cars is the largest online car marketplace in Iraq and Kurdistan, using AI- and cutting-edge technology to match car buyers and car showrooms, the car listings are always in 3 languages with detailed and quality information about the car and the selling car showroom. All car listings are checked for quality before publication. The car marketplace has both new cars and used cars from all car showrooms for all brands.



Zaytoon 15:00-16:00     

ZAYTOON, Mr.Rawaz Rauf


Presentation and Q&A Session

Zaytoon is a revolutionary solution to build digital financial identities in Iraq building a behaviour based credit scoring system collecting real world verifiable information via smartphone data to enable financial requests via large trusted networks of communities and supply chain partners.


DAY3 – March 9th, 2022

Continuous Video to be shown on the Expo big screens & One on One meetings to be arranged during the day.


14:00-15:30     Rabee Securities Presentation on Market Opportunities in Iraq

Rabee Securities (RS) was founded on January 7th 1995, and is headquartered in Baghdad. RS is licensed and regulated as Securities Brokerage Company by the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX). We are one of the premier rokerage houses catering to institutional investors from US, through a partnership with Auerbach Grayson of NY, and from western Europe.


Type Close % Chg YTD % Chg
IQD RSISX 1,419.0 -0.3% 55.9%
USD RSISX 1,395.2 -0.3% 80.1%

Best & Worst Performers

Best Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
AIPM 5.500 10.0%
IIDP 1.100 8.9%
IMIB 2.250 4.7%
AMAP 0.590 3.5%
VWIF 0.330 3.1%

Worst Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
BEFI 0.250 -3.8%
SBPT 40.000 -2.4%
AISP 11.800 -1.7%
IFCM 3.590 -1.6%
NDSA 0.620 -1.6%

TOP 5 Traded Volume

Code Trading Vol.
(IQD mn) / d
Trading Vol.
BBOB 110.8 84.0
TASC 107.1 81.1
IFCM 105.8 80.2
SBPT 104.7 79.3
AISP 95.8 72.6

Trading Volumes by Sectors

Sector Trading Vol.
(IQD mn)/d
Trading Vol.
('000 $)/d
Banking 297.4 225.3
Industry 212.1 160.7
Services 137.2 103.9
Telecom 107.1 81.1
Agriculture 102.5 77.7
Hotels&Tourism 1.0 0.8
Investment 0.1 0.1
Insurance 0.1 0.0
Total 857.5 649.6