Open an Account

How to Open an Account

Dear Prospective Client,
To deal with Rabee Securities, the investor is required to open an account.
To open an account, the following documents should be emailed to
Please make sure scanned copy is in colour and clear.
After the approval of the account, please send the originals to our Baghdad office via DHL.
Please note, all documents should be verified by a Notary Public.
Please note, as we are receiving multiple requests about investing in Iraq because the market is at a very low level, we are bringing the minimum investment down to $20 K for international retail investors.


For Individuals:

  • Color copy of passport and ID. (Kindly make sure that the colored scan of your passport is clear and certified at a Notary Public).
  • The Contract.
    Download the Contract
  • Complete and sign the color copies of Application 1A, and Application 2 (For Electronic Trading).
    Download Application 1A and Application 2


For Companies and Governmental Institutions:

  • A color copy of passport(s) of the authorized person(s) who would deal with the account certified at a notary public. (Kindly make sure that the colored scan of passport is clear).
  • A certified Copy of Commercial Registration Certificate, also company registrations number.
  • A certified copy of Articles of Association.
  • Complete and sign the color copy of the Contract. Stamp the 4th and 5th pages of the Contract with the corporate seal.
    Download the Contract
  • Complete and sign the color copies of Application 1B and Application 2. Stamp these Applications with the corporate seal.
    Download Application 1B and Application 2

Following the receipt of all document, Rabee Securities will setup the account at Iraqi Depository Centre (IDC) and send the investor the details forbank transfer.

After the money has been received, the investor can trade on the ISX through Rabee Securities by transmitting the orders by writing clearinstructions to the body of the email and sending the order email both to RS Traders email address ( and his/heraccount representative email address.


Type Close % Chg YTD % Chg
IQD RSISX 1,413.7 0.01% 55.3%
USD RSISX 1,390.0 0.01% 79.4%

Best & Worst Performers

Best Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
IRMC 5.170 14.9%
AIPM 6.260 14.9%
IIDP 1.100 10.0%
SKTA 5.230 5.9%
HPAL 16.800 5.0%

Worst Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
HBAY 95.000 -4.5%
TZNI 2.320 -0.9%
IFCM 3.530 -0.6%
BNOI 2.410 -0.4%
BBOB 3.320 -0.3%

TOP 5 Traded Volume

Code Trading Vol.
(IQD mn) / d
Trading Vol.
BAIB 996.4 754.8
TASC 425.8 322.6
BBOB 366.2 277.4
AISP 168.0 127.3
IIDP 121.2 91.8

Trading Volumes by Sectors

Sector Trading Vol.
(IQD mn)/d
Trading Vol.
('000 $)/d
Banking 1,595.3 1,208.6
Telecom 425.9 322.6
Industry 306.6 232.3
Agriculture 249.5 189.0
Services 85.8 65.0
Hotels&Tourism 66.0 50.0
Investment 0.4 0.3
Insurance 0.0 0.0
Total 2,729.6 2,067.9