NEW & NOTEWORTHY  Rabee Securities (RS) was granted the first license to trade on the Erbil Stock Exchange (ESX).

RS Third IRAQ Conference, October 1-3, 2013

Rabee Securities (RS) held the Third IRAQ Conference on October 1-3, 2013 at the Rotana Hotel in Erbil, IRAQ. There were more than 110 attendees in the conference, including 22 foreign companies with more than 40 people, 18 Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) listed companies and speakers from the government, telecom sector, Iraqi Securities Commission (ISC), Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) and Erbil Stock Exchange (ESX).


First day, the welcome speech was made by Shwan I. Taha, the Chairman of Rabee Securities (RS). Chairman of ISC; Dr. Abdullrazaq AlSaadi and Chairman of ESX; Mr. Abdullah Abdulrahim made a speech. CEO of ISX; Taha Abdul Salam gave a presentation and talked about the recent developments and potential growth of the ISX. Other speekers were Mr. Herish Muharram, Chairman of KRC Investment Authority and Dr.Freddie Baz, Group CFO & Strategy Director of Bank Audi. Shwan I. Taha gave a presentation and talked about the position of Rabee Securities in the market, recent trends in trading volumes and foreigners' transactions on the ISX, and recent deals made by Melak Investments, Rabee's sister company and other activities made by Rabee.

Second day, opening speech was made by Mr. Mohammed Salman; Member of Board of Directors of ESX and he gave a presentation. Mr.Farhad Alaaldin, writer & columnist made a speech and Zain Telecom gave a presentation. After Zain Telecom presentation, an investment panel occurred where ISX Investors talked about their investment experiences. During the lunch, Prof. Michel Girardin, Prof. of Finance at the University Lausanne gave a presentation.

The conference provided an opportunity for our investors and potential investors to have one-on-one meetings with ISX listed companies for one and a half day. This is an annual event and we hope to see all attendees again in the RS_Fourth IRAQ Conference.


Type Close % Chg YTD % Chg
IQD RSISX 955.9 0.6% 4.1%
USD RSISX 835.5 0.6% 3.8%

Best & Worst Performers

Best Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
BNOI 1.130 9.7%
NGIR 0.280 7.7%
BROI 0.390 5.4%
BSUC 0.210 5.0%
HMAN 14.300 2.1%

Worst Performers

Code Closing (IQD) % Chg
IHFI 1.450 -9.4%
NAME 0.630 -8.7%
IMIB 2.250 -4.3%
SNUC 0.400 -2.4%
IMOS 6.250 -2.3%

TOP 5 Traded Volume

Code Trading Vol.
(IQD mn) / d
Trading Vol.
IBSD 156.3 105.2
BBOB 125.2 84.3
SMRI 81.7 55.0
AISP 48.6 32.8
BSUC 42.8 28.8

Trading Volumes by Sectors

Sector Trading Vol.
(IQD mn)/d
Trading Vol.
('000 $)/d
Telecom - -
Banking 240.4 161.9
Industry 187.9 126.6
Hotels & Tourism 27.9 18.8
Services 93.9 63.2
Agriculture 48.6 32.8
Insurance 3.3 2.2
Investment - -
Total 602.1 405.5